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Oldfield Baby Great Lakes

The Oldfield Baby Great Lakes is a home built sport biplane. The aircraft has many known names, including the Baby Lakes, Oldfield Baby Lakes, Baby Great Lakes, Super Baby Lakes, Super Baby Great Lakes, and Buddy Baby Lakes.

Design and development:

The Baby Great Lakes was designed by Barney Oldfield, and originally built by Richard Lane, to be a scaled-down homebuilt derivative of the Great Lakes Sport Trainer.
The Baby Great Lakes is built using 136 ft of steel tubing for the fuselage with aircraft fabric covering. The wings use spruce spars. The aircraft can accommodate engines ranging from the Continental A-65 to C-85 or the Volkswagen air-cooled engine.

Operational history:

The prototype was not intended to be produced in quantity, but enough plans were requested, that the aircraft was marketed as a home built design. The rights to the Baby Great Lakes were acquired by Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co in May 1996. From which plans and kits can be purchased even today.

Oldfield Baby "Lakes"

Gross Wt. 850 lbs
Empty Wt. 475lbs
Fuel capacity 12 USG
Wingspan 16’8”
Length 13’9”
Height: 4.5 ft
Engine 85-h.p Continental
Seats: 1
Top speed: 135 mph
Cruise: 118 mph
Stall: 50 mph